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Real Estate


Georgia Real Estate Lawyer | Atlanta Real Estate

Real Estate
Whether you’re a seller or buyer, The Pierce Law Group provides a variety of legal residential and commercial real estate services. Our goal is to streamline the process for our clients when it comes to real estate transactions. Our real estate services include the following areas:

-Real Estate Litigation
-Negotiating & Drafting Real Estate Contracts
-Zoning & Land Use Permits
-Construction Contracts for Building Structures
-Commercial Lease Negotiation
-Tenant & Landlord Issues and more…

Experienced Residential Real Estate Counsel
The Pierce Law Group, LLC provides legal advice and general counsel for all phases of Georgia real estate transactions. Mr. Pierce has over 15 years of experience in handling complex legal documents and has successfully assisted clients with various real estate transactions such as deeds, mortgages, buy/sell agreements and other aspects of residential real estate. He provides the following residential real estate services:

-Real Estate Closings
-Drafting Purchase & Sale Agreements
-Review of Residential Real Estate Contracts
-Drafting & Review of Mortgages and Real Estate Financing

Experienced Commercial Real Estate Counsel
The Pierce Law Group, LLC also provides legal advice and counsel for all phases of commercial real estate transactions. Mr. Pierce provides all of his clients with personalized attention and pays special attention to detail on every legal matter he’s ever taken on. Mr. Pierce handles the following commercial real estate for Georgia Business Client:

-Commercial Lease Review
-Title & Lien Searches
-Real Estate Closings
-Review of Commercial Real Estate Contracts
-Review of Commercial Real Estate Tax Issues
-Drafting & Review of Purchase & Sale Agreements
-Mortgages and Real Estate Financing and more…

Give Us A Call Today!
For further information regarding our Residential Real Estate or Commercial Real Estate services, feel free to call our office at: 404-991-5000 or contact us via
brian@galawgroup.com today. We will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your legal issue.